A Design Playground @ Yale

Why Play?

You get better at skills by practicing with other people who like them too, getting feedback about what you're up to, and learning new things together. Students have so much work already that they rarely need more responsibilities. Learning new things isn't a chore when you're doing it for fun! This is where YaleMakes fits in.

Themes of the Month: February

Semi-Monthly DesignLabs are on Saturday Afternoons

Hand-Lettering with Lauren Hom on December 6th, of Homsweethom Studios

Intro to Logos and Branding with Bianka Ukleja on January 31st

Intro to Letterpress with Les Smith on February 7th/21st

Designing Spaces with Greg Nemes/Nic Schumann on February 28th, from Work-Shop Rhode Island

YaleMakes Featured in Yale Entrepreneur Magazine!

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