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OttrLoggr is a toolkit for swimmers, coaches, and parents to collect and share swimming data.
At the core is a log for meet and race data, a custom swimming stopwatch for capturing detailed race data, and a suite of USRPT tools. The web-version works on all modern web browsers, with mobile apps in the development pipeline.

OttrLoggr capitalizes upon the computers, smartphones, iPads, and iPods that many teams already own. Unlike other swim technology companies, no specialized tracking equipment is necessary to gather detailed swimming data. The advanced stopwatch tools may even be used in conjunction with traditional paper logbooks. YourSwimLog is one widely used logbook.

The Race Projection tool is based upon Lou Sharp (of Competition Swim Clinic) and Dr. Jim Parker's race projection software from 1987, SwimLogic.

OttrLoggr is a Rippowam Labs and swimmingscience.net production.

USRPT noun

ultra-short race-pace training. A system of training over 50 years in the making

  • Race-specific technique instruction (modified by coaching pedagogy)
  • Race-specific psychology
  • Race-specific conditioning

Notice the theme of race specificity? It's at the bedrock of every trainng program. Your body grows stronger in response to regular exposures of manageable stress. Take away that stress (notice how astronauts' bones weaken and muscles atrophy from lack of gravity) or mishandle the strength of the dosages (see overtraining), and performance suffers.

USRPT works because it is autoregulating.

It hones in on the maximum amount of training an athlete can perform before the work stops being useful.

After all, attempts to have one size fit all, end up fitting none. USRPT provides a template to make individualizing the PHYSIOLOGY end of swim training easy so that coaches can focus on developing the other pillars, psychology and biomechanics.

If you are training to reach your maximum potential, the optimal amount of training volume and intensity for a swimmer is the maximum AND minimum effective amount of training stress. As Coach Mike Boyle wrote, there's no point in beating a dead horse, because it can't get any deader! Conversely, You are what you repEAT, after all. You might as well repeat your very best.

The term was coined by Dr. Brent Rushall, the foremost proponent and researcher behind this training system. With decades of experience in applied sports physiology, psychology, and coaching, this is one of the most evidence based sports training protocols ever developed.

For the past 2 years, Cameron Yick has moderated the original USRPT Discussion Group on behalf of Dr. Rushall. Notices from the original bulletins (when the panel existed in email-circular form) are hosted on the forum.

The current active USRPT Panel Forums are maintained by Coach Denaj Seymour at usrpt.com There, you can find a directory of teams in US and Canada using USRPT.

Those interested in watching the Kansas video lectures on USRPT can acquire a copy from the Andrew family at their website. One of the earliest users of USRPT training principles, Michael Andrew is the youngest professional male swimmmer in USA Swiming History.

Finally, Dr. Rushall's original papers, research, and books on Swimming Science can be accessed at his homepage.